Swissvale Fire crews were dispatched to assist the City of Duquesne with an apartment complex fire. The fire began shortly after 10:30 am and quickly spread. Swissvale crews were dispatched as an a...
Swissvale Fire crews were dispatched to assist Penn Hills Station 221- Lincoln Park for a commercial structure fire at the Vicino Restaurant on Allegheny River Boulevard which ultimately went to 4 ala...
Swissvale Fire crews were dispatched to assist Rankin - Station 238 with multiple structures on fire on Holland Avenue. Fire crews were on scene with a fully involved 2 story garage fire on Hamilton ...
At or about 18:51 hours, crews were dispatched for a reported commercial structure fire at the corner of Woodstock Avenue and Melrose Street. Dispatch advised responding units that it was reported th...
Saturday, June 18th, 2022
Situational Awareness Matters Training
Wednesday, October 13th, 2021
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  • Career Firefighter
  • Volunteer Firefighter
  • Junior Firefighter
  • Volunteer Fire Police Officer
  • Associate Member


CAREER FIREFIGHTER (Full Time & Part Time paid positions)

While there are currently no open positions for paid staff, we do accept applications for part-time positions that may become available.  Applications for paid positions maybe obtained from the Borough Secretary’s Office at 7560 Roslyn Street, Swissvale, PA  15218.

The following are the requirements to be considered for a paid staff position:

  • Firefighter I (Firefighter II preferred)
  • Emergency Medical Technician (Paramedic preferred)
  • Hazardous Materials Operations (Pro-Board preferred)
  • NIMS 100/200/700/800
  • Fire Inspector I (preferred)
  • Pump Operations I (Pump Operations II preferred)
  • Aerial Operations (preferred)
  • Engine Company Operations (preferred)
  • Truck Company Operations (preferred)
  • Basic Vehicle Rescue Technician-BVRT (preferred)



Swissvale is protected by both paid and volunteer firefighters.  It's likely that the average person in our community doesn't know that volunteers are playing a significant role in providing their emergency fire services. Volunteer firefighters influence outcomes that directly affect people's lives by responding at a moment's notice, whether it's day for night, to put that fire out, to rescue that person in harm's way, or sometimes just to give the assurance that, in fact, nothing is wrong. These volunteers are normal, everyday people just like you!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be in their shoes?

We are hoping that you might. Volunteers are needed in our area in order to continue our mission. Most people may not realize that nationwide, over the last 10 years, the ranks of our volunteer firefighters has declined by over 100,000! During the same 10 year period the workload has practically doubled. Your fire department in the Swissvale is not immune from this national trend.

Why should you consider becoming a volunteer firefighter?

Volunteering allows us to give something back to our communities. Today, there are so many demands on our time, and firefighting requires specialized training in addition to the presence of a warm body. There are probably many reasons not to volunteer. However, if you have a sense of civic pride, if you want to see immediate results of a job well done, if you have the heart and spirit to make your community a better place, consider volunteering with your your fire department. You may find meaning previously lacking in your work and your life, and you may find a career.  Many of our volunteer firefighters have moved on and made careers  as firefighters, EMTs and Paramedincs all over the country in places such as the City of Pittsburgh, Washington D.C., Virginia Beach, VA, Morgantown, WV., and even as far away as Texas!  Additionally, many others have built upon their skills and experiences as volunteer firefighters and used that knowledge to seek positions in the private sector such as safety directors and other postions related to health and safety management.  Click on our “WHERE ARE THEY NOW” page to see some of the people who have chosen a career path as a result of their volunteering in Swissvale!

Okay, I want to be a volunteer firefighter, what’s the next step?

You can be fully trained, state certifed, and equipped at no cost to you. All applicants must be physically fit to perform the duties of a firefighter.  A thorough back-round check and interview process is performed to ensure that applicants have the proper character to hold this position of public trust.  You must be at least 18 years of age to apply for a firefighter position.  However, we do have a Junior Firefighter Program for those age 16 an 17 (see below).

You may stop by the fire station any time to talk to someone about volunteering or you may  download the application right here and submit it to us.  Before you know it you will be joining our team! Becoming a volunteer firefighter is an experience you will never forget. 

During your training period, you will become an “APPRENTICE FIREFIGHTER.”  After orientation, a comrehensive training program and metoring period, you will be prepared to receive your Firefighter I certification from the National Board on Fire Service Professional Qualifications.  Apprentice firefighters will be able to actively participate in a limited role during training.  And upon graduation and certification exams, you will become a nationally recognized Firefighter I.  New members will serve a probationary period of 1 year and in accordance with the SVFD by-laws, must receive their Firefighter I certification to become an "Active Member."



The Swissvale Fire Department also has Junior Firefighter Program for those 16 and 17 years old who have an interest in becoming a firefighter.  As a junior firefighter, you can receive some of the same training that the adult firefighters do and learn the tasks involved.  You can answer fire calls and even attend training to receive your Emergency Medical Technician certification.



We also have a Fire Police Unit in the fire department.  Members of this unit respond to serious fires and other emergencies where additional resources are needed for crowd control and traffic control.  The Fire Police unit is also used in non-emergency situations for traffic control when requested by the Swissvale Police Department.  The Fire Police work closely with the Swissvale Police Department and activities are coordinated through the Fire Chief and Police Lieutenant Matthew Lisovich, who is the designated Fire Police liaison.

As a Fire Police Officer, you will receive state accredited and certified training regarding what you can and cannot do as well as proper and safe techniques to accomplish your duties at no cost to you.  You will also be provided with necessary equipment.  This is a great opportunity for people who have an interest in this type of activity and do not wish to be a full-fledged firefighter.  Candidates for Volunteer Fire Police Officer must be at least 18 years of age.  A thorough back-round check and interview process is performed to ensure that applicants have the proper character to hold this position of public trust.



Associate membership is comprised of volunteers who are interested in helping the fire department but are not interested in being a firefighter.  There is plenty to do outside of firefighting with an organization such as ours.  Associate members play an important role in assisting with administrative activities as well as community events and fund raising activities such as the department’s annual fish fry. 

If you are interested in helping your community, but are not interested in being a firefighter, we would like to hear form you.  You can contact us via the website or call 412-271-8787 for more information.  Applications are also available at the fire station.





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